About Us

Maxiomedia LLC is an Application Developer company with focus on Patent-Pending Mobile App, PC and Casino Games.

Mission Statement

We believe Our lives are evolved around Chemistry. We believe Chemistry is in what we do, in what we breathe, in what we eat and in what we create. In fact, we believe Chemistry is in every part of who we are, in our environments, in our relationships, and a vital part of our survival.

So, as part of our mission, we created the PT GAME™. We bring Chemistry into your homes, schools and social lives in a way you can understand it. . . . . . . . Matters matter.

The PT GAME accomplishes this in three ways:

Casino Games and Entertainment

Gaming entertainment for the gambling enthusiasts, with chances of winning.

Public Entertainment

Fun and entertainment for families, friends, colleagues and peers across the globe, with understanding of chemical bondings.

School and Educational Teaching

A fun-full interactive Periodic Table game for High (Secondary) School, College and University students and teachers accompanied with an array of researches and information on chemical elements, molecules and compounds. It is suitably designed for in-class instruction with testing capability from K6 to Post-Graduate Education.