About Maxiomedia,LLC

Maxiomedia LLC is an Application Developer company with focus on Patent-Pending Mobile Apps, PC and Casino Games.

Game Features

  • Public Game with Real Scientific Benefits
  • Peer-To-Peer or Single Player Capability
  • School and Science Education Teaching
  • Real Scientific Benefits to Students
  • Casino Games and Entertainment (separate version)
  • Internet and Online Gaming (separate version)
  • Off-Line Playing Capability
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Compound Formation
  • Chemistry Elements and Compound Research Info
  • Real-Time SMS Chat
  • Element Trading Marketplace
What people has to say about PT Game
“AT LONG LAST! A fun-filled game that provides real benefits to both the public, family and educational environments.“ “This is likely to improve our knowledge and understanding of science and our environment.” “BRILLIANT!! Well thought out!!!” “KUDOS TO THE CREATOR!!!!”
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